Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Connect4 in Python and Pygame.

This is Connect 4 that i developed for a HSC major project. For people that have found this because they are doing the HSC, the project is not the majority of the marks, its the documentation.

A few notes:
  • The code probable looks like crap, made sense when i wrote it
  • If you're going to use it, or use it as a model. I would very much love a reference (name and email).
  • I put a zip folder up, with all the stuff. (except the music, see note below).
  • PYTHON, have it installed
  • PYGAME, have it installed
  • Cheers, enjoy.
The Files:

Some of the music files in Data > Sound > Music are missing, see the text file for more info.

That's pretty much it. Can you leave a comment if you look at this/download this? Its nice when people say they have.