Monday, January 16, 2012

PWM, MSQEQ7, Arduino ProMini, Its got everything

Hey guys, thought i'd share a few images of what i've been working on.
  • Arduino ProMini
  • msgeq7 sound equalizer 
  • 12v led strips attached to pwm outputs
  • few transistors
  • Etching kit
I managed to whip up some case lighting for my computer, its not perfect yet but its on the way.
The idea was to pass the sound through the equaliser and have the lights react to the sound, that still needs a little fiddling, but since the arduino is there i can interface with the lights and do some fun things.
Most of the project was new to me, using transistors (i burnt a few) and etching.
That's the schematic that i'm building from. points to who ever can pick out the problems. I'll leave the 2 that i know of at the end of this post.

I'll let the images do the talking.

Thats my initial power supply, fairly dodgy
This is me learning the ins and outs of transistors, and testing the setup with the uno

This is the sketch after is has been ironed onto the board

The final check before etching

Soldering just started, the beginning of more problems...

Faults in the board

Look at this image full size, the trace just above the power pin has a crack in it, took me a while to find! The use of the multimeter to do a continuity check worked a treat.(this picture as taken through a magnifying glass so its fairly small)

O'course here is the current copy of the files that are on the sketch,
This is all running on the arduino ProMini, which i don't have a picture of :(
I ended up programing the mini via the uno, which worked alright, not the best but good enough

If you want to know more, leave a comment. (ill edit this soon with some some final pictures.

Problems with the schematic
  • Ground of power supply not connected to anything
  • No pull down resistor on the push button
I should add, feel free to use for personal projects, would love some return kudos if you do use it, makes me feel good.
If you want to make and sell anything, please don't without seeking permission for the rights to do so from me.