Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PS3 controller modification

Hello All,

Its been so long since i dropped some thing on here, but here is what i've been working on:

Here it is! A modification of the playstation controlled. I'm no good at reverse engineering hardware, so the plan is to make use of the stuff there and install my own. Eventually I'll use this as a media remote.

This is the joy stick section of it, basically it functions as a voltage divider, 5v one side ground the other, read the value in the middle. All the buttons function as pull down switches, that is when the button is closed the corresponding pin is pulled to 0v from 5v

Above is testing the set up on the breadboard before everything goes in. The system works by reading the values of all the pins through a de multiplexer, reducing the number of pins required by the arduino to read the button that has been pressed. the down side to the method is that two buttons press at the same time can't be distinguished. But the purpose i'm thinking (media remote) that won't be an issue.

The battery was a little too big, one way to fix that.
Throw everything in the mix, on the right hand side i will put a bluetooth module that will allow the system to communicate with the outside world.The mini arduinos are pretty small, fits nicely into the stem of the controller.